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17.00 Pound £ Gravity Toilets - Wall & Floor Mounted Series Blackburn

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For Babies - Infants Published date: 23/09/2016
  • Kraj: United Kingdom
  • Region: Hampshire
  • Miasto: Blackburn
  • Obszar miasta: 2622
  • Adres: 19 Moruya Road, Oallen

Gravity Toilets - Wall & Floor Mounted Series

Gravity toilets are quite different from pressure-assisted versions. One major difference is the noise factor, of which the pressurized flushing action in pressure-assisted versions produces considerably louder noises compared to gravity cisterns. This makes the pressure-assisted types less desirable than gravity models for use within households.

Different Types Of Gravity Toilets (Wall & Floor Mounted Series)

With gravity-type toilets, you have the choice of either siphonic or wash down models.


This toilet features an S-shaped waterway/ trap way. This waterway curves upwards then downwards, forming an elbow-like curve. The design of this curve serves to maintain some water within the bottom of the curve, which traps noxious sewer gases and unpleasant odors downstream. That's why you don't get any of those terrible smells while using the facility.

A floor-mounted toilet with a vertical waste pipe would have a double-elbow curve on the trap way. On the other hand, a wall mounted model would only need a single elbow curve since the waste pipe drains horizontally.

The siphoning action in these models occurs when the trap way gets filled with water while flushing. A siphoning action is then initiated, pulling material from the bowl. This is complemented by a push from water emitted through the toilet rim and jet, which enhances exit of material through the waste pipe.

Siphonic toilets are further categorized into jetted and non-jetted models:

a) Jetted models: These versions feature jets that emit water directed at the opening of the trapways. This is useful in enhancing the siphon action within the trap way. Such dual action is effective in complete evacuation of the toilet, thus maintaining cleanness. (An important note while cleaning toilets: Organic Consumers Association advices people with asthma, lung or heart problems to avoid using cleaning solutions containing ammonia and chlorine bleach, which have high acute toxicity and can also react with other chemicals, forming lung-damaging gases).

Some jetted models may be direct fed, in which case, the water coming from the tank is split in two different paths. The first path emits water at the rim of the bowl, which helps in scouring it clean. The second افلام مترجمة path emits water directly into the bowl. Such an enhanced action produces an even faster and more powerful flush.

Other types of jetted models may be rim fed, in which case, water passes through the bowl rim and is directed to an internal channel connected to the jet at the front side of the bowl. A small portion of this water exits through the rim to clean the bowl, while most of it exits at the jet to initiate the siphoning action. Since some water exits through the rim, the resulting flush action from the jet is not as forceful as the direct fed jetted models.

b) Non-jetted models: These versions have no bowl jets, hence all flushed water is emitted through the bowl rim. In such a situation, siphonic action is only initiated when the water level within the bowl rises. Hence, these models offer a less forceful flush action compared to jetted models.

Wash-Down Toilets:

These models feature a basic flushing action characterized by an open rim through which water pours into the bowl. This does not produce any siphonic action.

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