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Computers - Hardware Published date: 02/10/2016
  • Kraj: United Kingdom
  • Region: Isle de Wight
  • Miasto: Alfreton
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Aerobics - The Best Way to Burn Fat

Aerobics is a moderate-intensity workout program that makes the body use stored fat as a fuel rather than glucose - the sole source of energy for the brain. Fat, like a log of wood, is a slow but long-lasting fuel, whereas glucose, like a kindling wood, gives quick energy in short spurts. And because fat metabolism requires oxygen, aerobic exercises - which are meant to raise the oxygen requirement in the body - are perfect for going from fat to fit.

However, for some reason the ability of metabolizing stored fat for energy purposes decrease as the fitness level of a person decreases. As a result, the muscles of an out-of-shape person start burning glucose instead of fat, making him feel fatigued and hungry after slightest activity.

Why Aerobics?

Aerobic exercises swing the body back into the fat-burning mode and program the body to burn fat for fuel even when you are not exercising. This helps in making the muscles lean, improves the strength of the heart muscles, and reduces blood pressure. Because aerobic exercises are moderate-intensity, anyone can benefit from them, including out-of-shape people, the elderly, children, and even pregnant women.

Which Exercises are Aerobic?

Any physical activity that raises your heart level to 60-70% of the maximum heart rate for a sustained period of 20-30 minutes can be classified as aerobics. If an exercise is making you feel out of breath, it means you are pushing your heart beyond the permitted optimum heart rate. This should not happen.

The best aerobic exercise for beginners is brisk walking. And all you need to do that, apart from the will to do, is a good pair of shoes. Walking 30-40 minutes 3-5 times a week is ideal. Some indoor low-impact aerobic exercises include walking on the treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, swimming, etc.

Fit people can take to high-impact aerobic exercises like jogging, skipping a rope, mock skipping, jumping jacks, stair climbing, skiing, etc.

Making Aerobics a Fun Activity

If you enjoy exercising in a group and want to make it a social activity, then you can join aerobics classes. These exercises often consist of low-impact dance steps and rhythmic movements accompanied by stimulating music and an instructor. Aerobics done underwater, aqua-aerobics, have still lower impact than floor aerobics.

Aerobic exercises can be done outdoors as well as indoor in the privacy of your home with minimal investment. And you can easily fit a 30-minute aerobic program in your agenda. For example, cycling on your stationary bike while watching your favorite TV show, mock skipping during the short breaks in work, walking to the marketplace, etc. Use your creativity and improvise your own methods of making your workouts more enjoyable and less monotonous, so that aerobics becomes an indispensable part of your life.


Aerobic exercising is the best way to lose fat permanently, and strengthen your heart muscles. They change the body metabolism and switch it into fat-burning mode. Aerobic exercises are moderate-intensity and can be done by almost anyone, including the elderly and even pregnant women.

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