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Barter Published date: 26/09/2016
  • Kraj: United Kingdom
  • Region: Cumbria
  • Miasto: Hemel Hempstead
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Understanding Why Babies Wake In The Night

As you look around the world, it quickly becomes apparent that nature has a sense of humor. How else do you explain the comical appearance of a walrus or a clownfish? Or Snookies from the Jersey shore? And one of nature's best practical jokes is played on parents when it comes to babies and their sleep schedules.

It's as if God was sitting around bored one day and had a brilliant idea for a little entertainment: "I know, let's play a prank on new parents, many of which will have no idea what they're doing. We'll pair them with this demanding, incapable little creature who must be waited upon 24/7. They'll already be exhausted from their new responsibilities and will be in a general state of fog. But then, just for fun, we'll make it so that babies ignore the day/night cycle that parents are used to. Babies will sleep most of the day but then wake up and scream every other hour in the middle of the night, demanding to be held or fed. They'll be as mismatched as contestants on a reality TV show . . . it'll be hilarious!"

Of course, it's not so hilarious when you're the parent this prank is being played upon. But don't give up hope or run off to cry in a corner just yet. Understanding the reason for you baby's antics should help you keep a little sanity, and there are even a few things parents can do to try and get their newborn on a more accommodating sleep schedule.

Why infants have such different sleep patterns.

Why are babies so determined to disturb your nightly rest? There are a few good reasons. When human babies are born, they are still in an immature stage when compared with other mammals. The problem is our big brains. If our babies weren't born at about 9 months, their large head holding their large brain wouldn't fit through the birth canal. This also means that they are born while still underdeveloped. If human babies had a gestation period like that of other mammals, they would need to be in the womb close to two years. (Remember this the next time your up in the night caring for a fussy baby. At least you didn't have to be pregnant for two years.) Because they are underdeveloped, newborns are still on in-utero sleep schedules, and require several months before their brain developmental level will catch up to the rest of the world.

Another reason for your babies messed-up sleep schedule is their need to eat regularly. Though small, they are developing with giant growth spurts -- experiencing mental and physical development unlike anything that they will ever experience in the future. This requires a massive intake of calories as the body converts nutrients into new muscle and tissue. This generally means they need to be fed at least every four hours. Use your math. This doesn't mesh with a parents' desire for eight hours of sleep.

Hanging on to your sanity.

On the bright side of things, this craziness doesn't last long. Most babies fall into a more consistent sleep schedule at around 3 or 4 months, and will be sleeping through the night within the year. There are also methods of sleep training your baby that will help them attain a more parent-friendly sleep pattern.

Untill then, try to keep your spirits up and roll with the punches, knowing that a little sleep deprivation is just the price parents must pay for having the audacity to procreate. Other parents have survived this phase, and you will too.

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